Minimum Order

     We have a minimum wholesale order of $250. An account for all first time customers will be created at the time the order is placed. In the event that all necessary customer information was not obtained at the time the order was placed our customer service dept. may contact you to request additional information.

Processing Times

     Normal handling times are between 2-3 business days for most orders. We do attempt to keep all items in stock, however with more than 3,000 current items, it's impossible to keep 100% of items in stock at all times. We're also receiving shipments of replacement stock every single day. Therefore, in the event that some of your items are out of stock but are expected to arrive within the next 5 business days, we may hold your order until those items arrive. We will also contact you by email or phone to advise you of the shipping date if we plan to take longer than 3 business days to ship your order. Furthermore, please note that some of our designs may require assembly. Therefore, even if an item shows In Sock on our website, it still might require some additional assembly time by our production team. Many of our designs are custom made to order after we receive the orders from our customers. In conclusion, please allow for up to 5 business days processing times when placing your orders. However, we will do our utmost to ship your order as fast as possible and most orders will ship within 3 business days.

 Tracking #'s - Use Of Customer's Accounts

     Once a shipment has left our warehouse an email will be sent to the customer with a tracking#. We use Fedex as our preferred carrier. If a customer has a Fedex account# that they would like to use instead of our account for their shipping charges we are happy to comply. Simply call or email the details to us we will use the customers preferred account for billing.

Back Orders - Out Of Stock Merchandise

     If a customers out of stock items equals more than 25% of the order total value then we will try to fill the backorder once the goods become available. There will be no shipping charges for backorder shipments. However, our website now shows real time information re: availability and whether or not an item is in stock or out of stock. Therefore, it is now rare for backorders to occur, although they still sometimes will occur. In the case where the backorder value is less than 25% of the order total value these items will be cancelled. Please re-order these items with your next order. In the case where the backorder value exceeds 25% of the order value, we will attempt to fill this backorder as soon as possible and will notify the customer via email re: the expected shipping date. Customers may still cancel these backorders if they choose to do so.


         Sincerely, The Supplier Jewels Customer Excellence Team